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After 7 years of intensive research, development efforts and subsequent successfull going live, Quaestus Capital S.à.r.l. (“QC”) …………………………….., QC launches the first round of a substantial, structured investment program.


Concept, our Philosophy
our motivation:

Some people say that sport is a physical activity governed by rules and played by individuals seeking to outperform opponents, while others can understand sport as organized spontaneous exercises or games, or as a competitive or non-competitive process through which an individual obtains physical skills, mental relaxation and bodily fitness.

What we do

Victory and success ...​

We say that sport gives people enjoyment, happiness, friendship, satisfaction, health, fitness, popularity, recognition, the feeling of victory and success.

Sports have been increasingly organised and regulated from the time of the ancient Olympics up to the present century. Industrialisation has brought increased leisure time, letting people attend and follow spectator sports and participate in athletic activities. These trends continued with the advent of mass media and global communication.
Our company which invests in the development of unique software covering world wide sports events to make those available and reachable to everybody.

”The sponsor ventures is a way to give back to the sport, that also matches our values in issues like integration and affinity. This also means that we are investing in charity and CSR-project”

The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles

Information :

The Fund Advisory Company : Quaestus Capital S.à.r.l. (“QC”) :.
> Registration: Limited Liability Company under Luxembourg law and jurisdiction
> Registered Office : 19, Rue Eugène Ruppert, 2453 Luxembourg
> Register of Commerce No : B 204 467
>Short Summary:
QC is the owner of the sole title of and to an intelligent software focusing on sports merchandising, promotion and commercialism since 2012. Using intelligent algorithms, the software offers the possibility to both quickly and daily identify the foreign wager laying market’s best sporting objects on everything from football, ice hockey, handball over basketball, to any of the thousands of other sporting events that take place every day.

QC may sell products based upon its title to the software, prepare derivative works from, and otherwise use and exploit the Transferred Software and Intellectual Property Rights.

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Quaestus Capital S.à.r.l. is a Limited Liability Company

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Registered Office:
14 Rue Edward Steichen,
2540 Luxembourg