The key to success is
to focus on goals,
not obstacles

The right financial tools and solutions can help you grow
older how and where you want.

After 7 years of success

After 7 years of intensive research, development efforts and subsequent successfull going live, Quaestus Capital S.à.r.l. (“QC”) …………………………….., QC launches the first round of a substantial, structured investment program.

Victory and success ...

Some people say that sport is a physical activity governed by rules and played by individuals seeking to outperform opponents, while others can understand sport as organized spontaneous exercises or games, or as a competitive or non-competitive process through which an individual obtains physical skills, mental relaxation and bodily fitness.

We say that sport gives people enjoyment, happiness, friendship, satisfaction, health, fitness, popularity, recognition, the feeling of victory and success,
Sports have been increasingly organised and regulated from the time of the ancient Olympics up to the present century. Industrialisation has brought increased leisure time, letting people attend and follow spectator sports and participate in athletic activities. These trends continued with the advent of mass media and global communication.
Our company which invests in the development of unique software covering world wide sports events to make those available and reachable to everybody.

”The sponsor ventures is a way to give back to the sport, that also matches our values in issues like integration and affinity. This also means that we are investing in charity and CSR-project”

The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles

Information :

The Fund Advisory Company : Quaestus Capital S.à.r.l. > Registration: Limited Liability Company under Luxembourg law and jurisdiction > Registered Office : 19, Rue Eugène Ruppert, 2453 Luxembourg > Register of Commerce No : B 204 467 >Short Summary: The undeniable focus of QC is the promotion of sport on a global scale as much on the charitable and philanthropic level as to the extent of the possibilities that the unique software, of which QC holds all the rights, offers within the framework of its possibilities of screening of all global sports activities and sophisticated algorithms. “Bring sports closer to people an people closer to sports, wherever, whenever !”

Representations and warranties given
by the Issuer :

The Fund Advisory Company represents and warrants that:

It is duly constituted under Luxembourg applicable Company Law as a Limited liability company


That it validly exists and is authorized to own its rights property and assets and carry on its business as per the terms and conditions defined in its “Statuts” which are deposited with the RCL (Luxembourg Register of Commerce (accessible for insight)


QC warrants that all operations it has undertaken so far and is going to undertake have been and will be performed in strict conformity with the terms of its “statuts”, and in the best interest of its customers

Quaestus Capital's launch of the first round of an overall substantial, structured investment program.

Over months, the team around QC screened a variety of Financial Centers, their quality and rating as well as the quality of service the different actors could and would be prepared to deliver in order to comply with the QC preset service standards.
As a conclusion, the QC team opted for the prestigious and respected place of Luxembourg. Political and social stability, stringent but flexible through the variety of investment vehicles available under Luxembourg jurisdiction and its central geographical locations lead the line for the final choice of this cosmopolitan small Grand Duchy.

Pursuant to a careful evaluation of those actors who were established for several years in Luxembourg and had the necessary infrastructure in place to cope with QC’s needs and expectations, it was decided to retain the Versailles Fund III (, an open ended collective Investment Scheme, organized as a special investment fund (SIF) with different sub-funds, showing a large flexibility in terms of investments.

The Fund is intended for qualified investors who understand the risks of the underlying strategy and the nature of this type of investment. investments may vary according to the individual circumstances of each investor.

Versailles III is fully regulated by the CSSF (The Luxembourg Monetary Authority (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) in Luxembourg and governed by the Luxembourg applicable laws an regulations providing enhanced investor protection.

Investment Funds are today well known and recognized investment platforms / vehicles offering a high degree of security and flexibility to the investors.

The Issuer:
Quaestus Capital S.à.r.l. is a Limited Liability Company

Registration & Incorporation:

Registered Office:
14 Rue Edward Steichen,
2540 Luxembourg